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Specialty Services

Sometimes additional evaluations may be desired or recommended on a home or commercial property that require specialized training.

  • Radon Gas Inspection

    Radon is a colorless, odorless inert radioactive gas that is present in most homes and buildings. The Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today. Testing for Radon Gas per the EPA guidelines is an easy and inexpensive way to help you know if you need to take steps to protect your family from this carcinogen.

  • Stucco and Stone Veneer Inspection

    For the homeowner, stucco is a term loosely applied to various kinds of plasterwork, both exterior and interior.  The most common use is to refer to plaster or cement used for the external coating of buildings. Hard Coat Stucco consists of a mixture of cement or lime, sand and water applied in one or more coats over rough masonry or frame structures.

    There are many concerns with Stucco—and more recently Stone Veneer—when it comes to moisture. The purpose of a stucco inspection is to look for visible installation flaws, inadequate water diversion, sealant failure and if necessary, conduct moisture readings as appropriate. This inspection can alert you to hidden problems that could cost thousands of dollars to fix. Read More...

    Stucco and exterior cladding inspections services include:

        • Stucco Inspection including all Exterior Wall Cladding
        • In-Progress installation of Exterior Wall Cladding
        • Commercial Inspections
        • Repair Verification
        • Expert Witness Services
        • Forensic Exterior Inspection

    Standard or initial stucco inspections for hard coat stucco, EIFS, manmade stone and natural stone systems include:

        • Summary references repair standards and appropriate repair options
        • Photos of all elevations
        • Close-up photos of system concerns with detailed comments
        • Locations and results of moisture testing, if applicable
        • Time for average (3000 sq. ft.) home is typically 1-2.5 hours on site
        • Report emailed in 3business days to all appropriate parties
        • A hard copy of the inspection report is mailed to the client
        • ESEC is available for follow-up consultations for all Inspection Reports

    * Special conditions requiring investigation or during very busy times may take longer

  • Thermal Imaging Inspection

    ESEC—a Huffman Inspections affiliated company—performs Infrared Thermography per accepted industry standards. Thermographers are trained and skilled using Infrared thermography to evaluate roof moisture, wall moisture, block walls, photo voltaic systems, water intrusion, electrical systems, and energy loss. The proper application and interpretation of Infrared Thermography can help detect conditions that are not visible to the naked eye. Proper training and experience are required to properly perform Thermography.

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