Commercial Inspections

Our commercial inspections will provide our Denver area clients with a property condition assessment. Such services help buyers and owners understand the operation and necessary continued maintenance of the building’s major systems and components which may help provide confidence to potential investors.

  • Buyer’s Inspection (Pre-Purchase)

    A commercial inspection will provide you with the information you need for educated decisions regarding your business investment. Huffman Inspections will provide you with an accurate view of the property’s overall condition along with maintenance issues that could possibly be overdue.

  • Annual Maintenance Inspection

    To reduce the potential for damage, it is generally recommended that an annual maintenance inspection be performed. Huffman Inspections will provide you with documentation and photographs that help to identify and record problem areas that will need attention before they become major issues.

  • Seller’s Inspection

    A seller’s inspection on a commercial property can help identify major issues and minor repairs before you begin the process of listing your property for sale which will help with the negotiations with a potential investor allowing you to protect your bottom line!

  • New Construction Inspection

    Huffman Inspections performs in-progress inspections of stucco, EIFS, and Adhered Masonry Veneer during construction to observe proper Weather Resistive Barrier installation and detailing to ensure a weatherproof structure. We also perform block wall inspections during construction to verify proper grouting and insulation of block wall cavities. New Construction Inspections help verify that a building has been completed properly and can help an owner work through a punch list with a builder.

  • Pre- & Post-Lease Inspection

    A lease inspection is a great way to protect both tenants and landlords. Memories can easily fade with the passage of time between when a lease was signed and when it gets terminated and this can create some costly misunderstandings. A lease inspection will deliver a detailed report that will provide documentation of a commercial property’s condition.

  • Insurance Inspection

    Huffman Inspections performs inspections for homeowners and HOAs, helping them evaluate severe weather damage to their properties. Hail and wind can damage roof coverings including shingles, tiles and membranes as well as walls, breaking and chipping wall claddings such as vinyl siding, stucco, EIFS and other materials. Our team can inspect the damage and review the storm event to help you achieve a proper adjustment for the weather damage to your property following a severe storm.